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by on January 9, 2008 4:17 PM in Blog

Hello to all and sundry who may read this crock, I mean, this piece of journal-type-blog’o’stuff written herein. I don’t know whether I’ll use this space to ruminate on all things connected with tmoc and myself, or if I’ll keep it strictly to straight up news flashes – but, whatever I end up doing I’m sure that as I write the shape and form of this blog’s content will emerge.

I’m not going to say happy new year as it’s such a corroded old saying I think its almost valueless – so, instead, I hope you made it through the xmas bullshit and managed to have some sort of a break from work, school, your partner, or whatever was required in order to get ready for another year of life. And God or Allah knows you need to be prepared in order to try and make it, although some poor bastard Kim lived next to actually drowned last week while at the beach and I’m sure he thought the year was full of promise too. Those sort of thing get me down – but, got to drive as Ialways say. So, Kim’s got a funeral tomorrow, and can’t pick up Stanier from the airport, so I’ll see if my gal can pick him up and deliver him safely to Kim’s place for the next 6 days.

So, John Stanier gets here tomorrow (and look, just as an aside I’ll point out to anyone who bothers to read this, his last name is pronounced phonetically as “STANNY-ER” – So many people transpose the “i” to occur after the “a” and say STAINER, that I got to say something. For a while there Kim and I thought we pronounced his last name wrong and John had been kind enough not to complain – but it is STAN followed by IER). That could appear a bit petty me pointing that out, but afterall I do correct people who say “somethink” instead of “something” as well, so I might as well let it all hang out….

So, yes, Stanier arrives tomorrow (Thursday), and that evening we will start rehearsing the songs we completed last Oct when he was last here. We have 10 new songs, about 3 have lyrics sorted and I know where they go, and about 6 of the songs need more arranging and general work, sort of see what happens, plus there are a few other bits and pieces we have to work on as well we didn’t get to last October. I’d like to have 15 new songs, plus there is a song I remembered the other day that I always wanted to cover which I’ll get the guys to learn and see what we can do with it – I won’t say what the cover is cos it might turn to shit and I’d rather know if it will sound good first. I think it will though….

Anyway – so John will be here till next Thursday when he leaves to go on the BDO tour with the other band he plays in called Battles. Its so ironic that tmoc are continually denied BDO’s but John’s other band gets to do a whole tour that includes the New Zealand leg – good thing I’m not a bitter person – a lesser person (like Charlie Manson) might otherwise give Lees and West some creepy crawly action – I mean remember that’s why he pointed out the Tate place to Tex et al, cos he still thought Terry Melcher lived there…and Melcher had vetoed his chance at being a rock star….but I digress.

So, After the BDO Stanno will return and we’ll work for the next 12 or so days on recording the tracks in an Adelaide Studio in the City. Pretty sure its called Broadcast Studios. There is a Neve console there so we’ll lay the beds there and ‘ll use the rest of March to overdub, finish any vocals etc. Then we got to mix it – and get it out to the public. Since we no longer have any ties to BMG we can do this one on our own, which is just like we did Battlesick and The Unclaimed Prize, and personally, even though a lot of fans like Ill at Ease and This is This better, I really always enjoyed the first 2 albums more cos we did them off our own bat, with our own money – no backing (though Dominator paid for the pressing and artwork) – The DIY ethos provides the means for control, and you work on your music till you are satisfied with the end result.

The above then, is the news the tmoc newsletter was alluding to – that we are recording, FINALLY, only 7 years after the last album…FUCK ME RIGID! (I exclaim) Is it really that long ago? I was but a boy back then….So, so – I will endeavour, and I mean it, to update this each evening before retiring for the night following rehearsals for those who want to follow our progress. I guess I’ll have to restrain myself a little in here though – like I can’t write how much Stanier and Kim are giving me the shits, like Iwould in my personal journal, without them reading this and then possibly getting offside – but as long as they understand I’m the boss, there should be no trouble….

And, by the way – I must say, as I assume most do who are filling in blogs, that all this is just what I personally think etc and needs no correspondence entered into – if you don’t like what you read – close the book and for those who do bother to read this, thanks and I hope you enjoy the next few weeks.


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