Ghost Hunters
by on July 30, 2009 10:35 PM in Blog

Well, still trying to finish the album and not for lack of trying either. Out of 14 songs we have 13 near completed. The 14th is a bass only song that I recorded and I’m not so sure whether to include it or not – depends on how it scrubs up – maybe it can be on my solo album due for release in 2020 (except no electricity will work cos of 2012 having fucked over the entire laws of physics, but maybe we’ll try get back to the gramophone – tons better in my opinion, there must be a definite market for them now so you can get in before the rush)

But the songs are there and sounding good. I have one song that I need to arrange and then add guitar and vox though – we called it 3-2 due to its time signature and we never got the time to get it to a finished format so we recorded instead a number of different parts and I hope I can stitch a coherent structure – or maybe the idea is not to, dunno, but that is probably the last bit of hard work involved. Then the hope is to mix it and get it out before the end of the year.

While it’s taken a long time, it’s been the only way we can do it – I know I come back to that every time, but I do have to work and as fucked as it is (Kim loves working though) in that it interferes with the album, it’s just one of the aspects of life you try accept – but I haven’t been too happy of late with the shit winter weather (yeah great for the farmers…how many times do people have to say that – who gives a shit! it just depresses me and farmers are never happy anyway)- but work is real soul destroying at the moment and it’s not destroying in the way that you get the urge to write songs and get creative – it’s the opposite in fact – all you want to do is crawl into bed and sleep and then get up and stay awake all night watching horror movies and episodes of ghost hunters (did they really mistake a cat meow as someone saying “hello” in an episode last week? I could tell it was a cat for fuck’s sake – they went down a few notches in my opinion as to their whole debunking methodology) – yes it’s been a bad winter and I am looking forward to the long hot summer and with it the usual cross town traffic…(terrible Hendrix pun – you know some people just trash Hendrix cos all they know is the radio shit they have heard – I still think Voodoo Chile Slight Return is one of the heaviest songs ever recorded)

But thanks for not giving up on us anyone still waiting patiently – I’d be pissed off in your position – but then I’d try understand the band’s position too (bullshit!)- Anyway, be thankful we are still going – all my favourite bands broke up.

BTW – this is not “This is This Part 2” – there are heavy riffs etc, but we have heralded back to Battlesick and a bit of the second album that no-one knows (The Unclaimed Prize, and yes it was while it was sitting in all those bargain bins at the record stores)- So there will no doubt be some people who will flick on past the slower songs that actually contain melody – but, the best albums in my opinion, are the ones you have to listen to a few times and those usually become your favourites…. Must go – work tomorrow and I need to watch an episode of Ghost Hunters….. JRS Out

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